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RBI holding sold the trade centre Esfera
07.02.11   source: Company's news

RBI holding sold the trade centre Esfera. The new owner is Boygar Avsadanashvili, whose family is developing the network of fashion stores - Babochka.

Boutiques gallery Esfera, located on Nevsky 152 was opened in the end of 2008. Developer of the project was RBI holding.


The gallery occupied 2100 square meters. This was the first project of RBI in the sphere of commercial real estate and the only trade one. In december 2008 a representative of RBI informed that the holding invested around 5 mln. dollars into Esfera.


The deal was concluded on the fall of the market. This is a purchase for a short term period aimed at further resell of the project when the market will rise - said Avsadzhanashvili. Apart from Boygar Avsadzhanashvili there was a group of other investors who took part in the deal. Their names are not disclosed.


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