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16.03.11   source: Company's news
Pompa is opening 10 stores in february and march 2011
Trade mark Pompa continues to expand in the Russian market and enter new territories. In february and march it will include 10 more new concept stores at once.
14.03.11   comments 1     source: Company's news
Big openings in Ekaterinburg. Will be closer to Europe
In spring in Ekaterinburg there will take place three big openings that from the consumers point of view will make Ural capital city closer to Europe.
07.02.11   source: Company's news
RBI holding sold the trade centre Esfera
RBI holding sold the trade centre Esfera. The new owner is Boygar Avsadzhanashvili, whose family is developing the network of fashion stores - Babochka.
25.01.11   source: Company's news
Terexov changes its name
Rusmoda announced the rebranding of brand Terexov. The official name from now on will be Alexander Terekhov (Atelier Moscow).
19.01.11   source: Company's news
Reiss will open the second store in Russia
The British network of apparel and accessories Reiss rented 290 square meters in the trade centre Galeria in Saint Petersburg.
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